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Waters Hair Stylists supply the complete range of new Cloud Nine professional styling irons. The founders of GHD are back with a styling solution that hasn't just moved with the times, but is ahead of the times. They've created an iron packed with innovative technology. An iron so clever, it opens up a world of exciting new styling opportunities. (click on images for a closer look)

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Long gone are the days of poker straight hair, delivered with searing heat. Today, professional stylists and their clients want more. They want an iron that offers them flexibility. A styler that doesn't damage the hair.

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Cloud Nine is a range of professional irons that provide a beautiful natural finish - without the heat damage. They allow you to achieve a vast array of styles, at lower temperatures. They also have a secret ingredient trapped within their unique black ceramic plates, a mysterious element that adds shine and sparkle to the hair every time they're used.

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